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Huckins yacht
42' Bertram
Viking enclosed flybridge
47' USCG Vessel
Hatteras Sportfish


Pre Purchase Survey

A pre purchase survey is  the most comprehensive type of inspection and it is a critical step prior to making an investment in a boat.  We will pour over the boat from stem to stern, examining the condition and overall operation of the vessel.  The survey will include evaluations of  structural integrity and over all design, electrical systems, the propulsion system, the fuel, water and waste systems, other machinery critical to the safe operation of the vessel, navigation equipment, cosmetic appearance, electronics, and general maintenance. We recommend an out-of-water inspection and a sea trial.   We will provide this information to you in a clear, concise report that is easy to read and understand giving you the knowledge required to make an informed descision   We use the latest technology and time honored techniques to find an accurate valuation of the vessel you are looking to purchase.

Insurance SUrvey

The purpose of this type of inspection is for the insurance company to determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. The areas of most concern are structural integrity and safety for its intended use.  A fair market value of the vessel at the time of the survey will also need to be obtained.  We will provide your insurance company with all the information they need to make the process of boat ownership as seamless as possible. 

Damage SUrvey

Insurance companies and boat owners can both benefit from this service.  A damage survey is used to determine the cause of a loss and determine the extent of loss related damage to a vessel. We can recommend repairs, review estimates from boatyards and subcontractors, and come up with the value of the vessel prior to the damage.  


Consulting covers a wide variety of projects.  Anything from helping you choose the right vessel for your budget and needs to total refit management we can help you at every step along the way.  We offer a marine referral service in North Florida that is unmatched.  Through a decade of working in boatyards from St. Augustine to Brunswick we have developed valuable knowledge of the best marine technicians and companies in the area.  Before you hire anyone ask us for a recommendation.  If you are in need of a yard period but are unsure how to deal with the confusing world of boatyard services, let us handle it for you.  We can tell what work needs to be done, what can wait and who should do what.  All while building a positive relationship with both parties.  Sometimes an uninformed boat owner is his or her own worst enemy.

Huckins yacht
Huckins Yacht 44
70' Hatteras Yacht
31' Bertram
47' Cheoy Lee
45' USCG vessel
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